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Dongguan SPM Plastic Mould factory was founded in 2011 As a mould manufacturer。 Specializes in design manufacturing plastic extrusion mould。 located in Dongguan China。 Today SPM as a leader in providing high quality PC lampshade mould PC lighting tube mould Plastic extrusion mould to the global market for LED Lighting industry。 

Our customers distribute in India, Germany, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh。。。and domestic market。 Our major customer are PHILIPS, BWF, HAVELLS, NOORINA, OSRAM, OPPLE, FSL, NVC, SILVER LIGHT ENGINE。。。

We warmly welcome clients both in domestic and overseas market to visti us for further cooperation。 




PC Lampshade extrusion mould 

PC Tube extrusion mould

PC Two-colour extrusion mould 

Plastic profile extrusion mould 

LED Lighting tube extrusion mould 

LED Lampshade extrusion mould 

PMMA extrusion mould 

PVC extrusion mould 

ABS extrusion mould 

PE extrusion mould 

PP extrusion mould 



                     Address:No.15 Yuning North road, Baishida Science Park, Hengli town, Dongguan City, Guangdong province China. Postcode: 523460   

                            Mobile Phone:+86 139 2253 9219   TEL:+86 0769-81177360    FAX:+86 0769-81177350         E-mail:LED8268@163。com

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